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Comic blog, continuation of Dimstrip
Come and discover the new adventures of Funky Dims and his sidekick DimShaolin, the very first season of the series from the DimsDraw2 blog.
Funky Dims friend and student of DimShaolin, apprentice b-boy, general practitioner in his spare time, he loves caipirinha, KFC and Pizwichs (delicious Kebab). DimShaolin “The professor”: aka the Funky Lion, the Master of silence, the big mouth of the jungle, better known as Dims Shaolin (or DimShaolin). He is the sifu (teacher) of Funky Dims, expert in “Gong-fu, Wushu, Chung-kuo, Kuan-tao” (original kung fu). DimShaolin is a vegetarian lion who loves tea, flowers, honey and bees. (old version:
Season 5 currently in progress.

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